Pompeii Regio VII (7) Insula 16.

Plan of entrances 1 to 22 and the Suburban Baths VII.16.a.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 16 of Pompeii Regio VII to access the photographs. 

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Pompeii VII.16.1              Pompeii VII.16.2              Pompeii VII.16.3              Pompeii VII.16.4

Pompeii VII.16.5              Pompeii VII.16.6              Pompeii VII.16.7              Pompeii VII.16.8

Pompeii VII.16.9              Pompeii VII.16.10            Pompeii VII.16.11            Pompeii VII.16.12

Pompeii VII.16.13            Pompeii VII.16.14            Pompeii VII.16.15            Pompeii VII.16.16

Pompeii VII.16.17            Pompeii VII.16.18            Pompeii VII.16.19            Pompeii VII.16.20

Pompeii VII.16.21            Pompeii VII.16.22            Pompeii VII.16.a


Casa di Umbricius Scaurus I or House of Aulus Umbricius Scaurus I

Plan                - Plan of VII.16.15/16

VII.16.15         - Entrance at VII.16.15

VII.16.16         - Entrance at VII.16.16

Casa di Umbricius Scaurus II or House of Aulus Umbricius Scaurus II

Plan                - Plan of VII.16.13/12/14

VII.16.12         - Entrance at VII.16.12

VII.16.13         - Entrance at VII.16.13

VII.16.14         - Entrance at VII.16.14


Casa di Fabio Rufo                         - Casa di Fabio Rufo or House of M Fabius Rufus

Terme Suburbane                           - Terme Suburbane or Suburban Baths

Domus of Aemilius Crescens            - Domus or House of Aemilius Crescens Architectus

Thermopolium of Flavus Nicephorus  - Thermopolium of Flavus Nicephorus

Casa di Maius Castricius                  - Domus or Casa di Maius Castricius