Pompeii Regio IX (9) Insula 5.

Plan of entrances 1 to 22.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 5 of Pompeii Regio IX to access the photographs. 

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Pompeii IX.5.1              Pompeii IX.5.2              Pompeii IX.5.3              Pompeii IX.5.4

Pompeii IX.5.5              Pompeii IX.5.6              Pompeii IX.5.7              Pompeii IX.5.8

Pompeii IX.5.9              Pompeii IX.5.10            Pompeii IX.5.11            Pompeii IX.5.12

Pompeii IX.5.13            Pompeii IX.5.14            Pompeii IX.5.15            Pompeii IX.5.16

Pompeii IX.5.17            Pompeii IX.5.18            Pompeii IX.5.19            Pompeii IX.5.20

Pompeii IX.5.21            Pompeii IX.5.22


Casa di Achille

   or House of the Skeleton

   or House of Stronnius                                  IX.5.2

Shop and workshop with bakery at rear            IX.5.4

Unnamed House at IX.5.6                               Entrance IX.5.6   Entrance and stable IX.5.17

Casa dei Pygmeii                                           IX.5.9

Unnamed House at IX.5.11, linked to IX.5.13   IX.5.11       IX.5.13

House of the Restaurant

   or Casa di Lupanare piccolo?                        IX.5.14       IX.5.16

Casa di Jasone or House of Jason                    IX.5.18